☑️ Ingredients for 12 servings:

Crispy bottom
– 90g cornflakes
– 60g of pretzels (I bought gluten-free ones in Cerf, but you can also use regular ones)
– 60g of creamy peanut butter / I use it from
– 100g of honey/agave syrup
Chocolate cream
– can of coconut milk (400ml, full fat)
– 175g dark chocolate 70-90%
– 60g of creamy peanut butter
– 50g dark chocolate 70-90%
– 70g of coconut milk from a carton

☑️ Preparation:

➡️ Bottom

1) Grind the flakes and pretzels as finely as possible.  Add peanut butter and honey and knead thoroughly.  Cover the bottom of the mold with the resulting mass and put it in the fridge.  I use a square tin with sides of 22 cm, the bottom is lined with paper.

➡️ Chocolate cream

1) Heat the coconut milk in a pot to about 50-60 degrees (do not boil – it should be very warm).
2) Pour the broken chocolate into a bowl, pour in the milk and stir for a few minutes until melted.  The chocolate should be smooth and shiny.  Finally, add peanut butter, a pinch of salt and mix.
3) Pour the mixture onto the prepared base and put it in the fridge until it hardens (for a few hours or overnight).

➡️ Topping

1) Melt the coconut milk and chocolate together in a water bath over low heat.  Pour the icing on top, decorate with pretzels and coarsely ground salt.
2) Remove the finished cake from the mold.  Divide into 12 portions and it’s ready!


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