Chocolate and gingerbread TART

Chocolate and gingerbread TART

This decadent dessert seamlessly blends the velvety smoothness of premium dark chocolate with the warm, spicy notes of gingerbread. The buttery crust provides the perfect foundation, adding a crisp texture that complements the luscious filling.

Ingredients for 12 servings (20cm tin)

– 100g almonds
– 100g sunflower seeds
– 60g coconut flakes
– 60g low-sugar jam (strawberry/plum)
– 30g agave syrup/honey
– 10g bitter cocoa
– a teaspoon of gingerbread spice
– 150g dark chocolate 70-90%
– can of coconut milk (400ml, full fat)
– 75g dried plums
– 15g coconut/almond flour
– a teaspoon of cinnamon
– 50g dark chocolate 70-90%
– 50g coconut milk (liquid)
– a few gingerbreads for decoration


➡️ Bottom
1) Grind seeds, shavings and almonds with the addition of cocoa and gingerbread spices.  Add jam and agave syrup/honey and knead.  It should have the consistency of clay and be malleable.

2) Use half of the resulting mass to cover the bottom and the other half to cover the sides of the form with a removable bottom (I used a round form with a diameter of 20 cm, lined with paper and greased).  Glue the sides to a height of approximately 4-5 cm.

3) The mold goes to the fridge.

➡️ Cream
1) Place coconut milk, soaked plums, coconut flour and cinnamon in a larger vessel – mix thoroughly.  Heat the resulting liquid in a water bath and melt the chocolate in it.

2) Remove the prepared cream from the heat until it cools down, then pour it onto the previously prepared base and arrange the gingerbreads.  I managed to buy some nice ones without sugar.

3) Wait until the cream starts to thicken and then put it in the fridge (preferably overnight).

➡️ Topping
1. Melt the chocolate in a water bath in milk and pour it on top.  We decorate with gingerbread.
2. Divide the finished cake into 12 portions – poetry!


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