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Garden’s beef

Garden’s beef

If you want to taste a nutritious, delicious and light dish, garden-style beef is the ideal recipe. Because this dish contains a wide variety of vegetables and protein that can be consumed during lunch or dinner. In addition, it is accompanied with rice, bread and a refreshing drink. Below we will show you all the ingredients and steps you must follow for its preparation.


You can buy the products that you will need to prepare the veal in the garden at any supermarket or store near your residence. Also, they do not have a high cost and can be purchased by anyone. These are:

• 300 grams of ternara.

• 50 grams of green and red pepper.

• 50 grams of onion.

• 3 garlic cloves.

• A splash of olive oil.

• 75 milliliter of white wine.

• 50 grams of carrot.

• 200 milliliter of meat broth.

• 100 grams of peas.

• 50 grams of tomato.

• 50 grams of potato.

• Salt and pepper to taste.


The steps to make the veal in the gardener are very simple and can take around 60 minutes. But, if you have a pressure cooker the process can be faster, although it is not essential.

Step 1

Remove all excess meat from the veal and cut it into small pieces. Likewise, cut the onion, pepper and garlic into small pieces.

Step 2

Heat the oil in a frying pan and pour the meat to seal it. Then, add the onion, pepper and garlic to cook until they become transparent.

Step 3

Add the salt and pepper, let them cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes so that the veal absorbs all the flavors.

Step 4

Add the wine and increase the heat for 3 minutes so that the alcohol evaporates. Then, lower the heat and add the finely chopped tomato, letting it cook for 5 minutes.

Step 5

Chop the carrot into julienne shapes and the potato, add it to the preparation. Later, add the meat broth and cook everything for 25 minutes or until the meat is soft. Next add the peas and taste the salt.

Finally, now know how to make veal in the garden. You can accompany this dish with rice and it is ideal for lunch or dinner. Likewise, the little ones like it a lot because it is colorful and nutritious. Remember to leave us your comments and opinions if you have already made this recipe.


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