Sweet pumpkin

Sweet pumpkin

This sweet is one of the most sought after, its flavor is unmistakable and it has an incredible texture.  Therefore, it is time for you to prepare sweet pumpkin at home and avoid looking for it in any store.  Rest assured that it will be exquisite.


This dessert is a clear example of the Caribbean and tropical climate, which is why in Mexico it has become one of the most typical and traditional sweets.  To make it, you need to have the following ingredients:

• 1 cup of water.

• 1 pumpkin, which should be 4 to 5 pounds.

• 2 cones or 1 pound of piloncillo.

• ¼ salt.

• 1 cinnamon stick.


In the market you can get pumpkins of different sizes, but it is recommended that they weigh 4 to 5 pounds so that it is equivalent with the other ingredients.  After that, it is essential that you follow the steps that will be explained shortly to achieve a sweet pumpkin dessert.

Step 1

You must take the pumpkin and split it vertically.  Be careful when making the cut.  After that, find a spoon and remove all the threads and seeds.

Step 2

Next, cut the pumpkin into pieces that are approximately 3 inches.

Step 3

Find a large pot and add the piloncillo, cinnamon, salt and cup of water.  You should cook this over low heat.

Step 4

Proceed to cover the pot and cook for a few minutes, but stir several times.  You have to cook it until the piloncillo turns into powder.

Step 5

After you have the syrup ready, add the pumpkin, skin side down.

Step 6

Cover the pot again and stir so that the pumpkin is covered by the syrup.  You should cook it for approximately 30 to 40 minutes.  If this time has passed and it has not yet cooked well, you will have to leave it on low heat until the pumpkin is fully cooked.

Step 7

Let it cool and then serve.

Sweet pumpkin is a perfect dessert for special dates, whether Christmas, New Year or birthday.  As well as national dates.


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