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Roast beef burrito

Roast beef burrito

A roast beef burrito is a delicious fusion of flavors and textures, combining tender slices of roasted beef with savory fillings like rice, beans, cheese, and salsa, all wrapped snugly in a warm tortilla.


400 grams of roast beef
18 flour tortillas
2 medium avocados
400 grams of refried beans
250 grams of grated Oaxaca or Manchego cheese
Sauce to taste
aluminum foil

1-Preparing the carne asada burritos will not take you much time, first chop the carne asada into small pieces.

2-On a comal, heat the flour tortillas a little, just to soften them and make it easy to fold them.

3-If you can’t find the flour tortilla for a burrito, use the normal flour tortilla, place 3 pieces in a pyramid shape, then add a tablespoon of refried beans and spread well in the center.

4-Then, add the roasted meat pieces and distribute to the center.  You can add a little sauce to taste or add it at the end.

5-Then add the cheese, followed by some slices of avocado.

6-To wrap the burrito, first, fold the ends of the two base tortillas inward, then fold the short part equally to the center.

7-If you will eat them right away you can heat them directly in the pan or comal, or you can wrap them in aluminum foil, refrigerate them and heat them later with the same aluminum foil.

8-Serve your roast beef burritos and accompany with a delicious molcajeteada sauce, onion and a touch of lemon.  To eat!


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