Angel cream

Angel cream🍒

Angel cream is the perfect dessert for many people. The cream with cream cheese, vanilla and cherries is great to take with you and everyone really likes it!

INGREDIENTS (for 10 servings)

2 jars of Morello cherries (drained weight: 370 g)
300 g cream cheese
180g sugar
2 packs of vanilla sugar
500 g cream
3 packs of cream stiffener
30g butter
100 g sliced ​​almonds


1st step
Pour the morello cherries into a sieve and allow to drain.  Mix the cream cheese with some of the sugar (80 g) and vanilla sugar until smooth. 

Beat the whipped cream with the cream stiffener until stiff and stir into the cream cheese mixture.

2nd step
Place half of the drained cherries in a large glass bowl (Ø 22 cm) or a baking dish.  Pour about half of the cream on top and smooth it out. 

Sprinkle the remaining morello cherries on the cream and cover with the remaining cream.  Chill the dessert for at least 1 hour.

3rd step
In the meantime, melt the remaining sugar (100 g) with the butter in a saucepan while stirring until a light brown color is obtained. 

Add the sliced ​​almonds, stir everything together with a wooden spoon and let the sugared almonds cool on a piece of baking paper.

4th step
Before serving, sprinkle the dessert with the cooled almonds.  The angel cream with cherries makes approx. 10 servings and keeps refrigerated for at least 3 days.


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