Stuffed bombs

Stuffed bombs

Stuffed bombs” typically refer to explosive devices that are filled or stuffed with additional materials to enhance their destructive capabilities. These materials could include shrapnel, chemicals, or other substances intended to maximize the damage radius upon detonation.


🔹Butter 100 gr
🔹Flour 0000 500 gr
🔹Sugar 60 gr
🔹Eggs 2
🔹Milk 150 ml
🔹Vanilla essence c/n
🔹Yeast 25 gr fresh or 10 instant
🔹Salt 1 pinch
🔹Lemon zest

Custard cream:

🔹Milk 250 ml
🔹Sugar 60 gr
🔹Egg 1
🔹Cornstar 15 gr
🔹Vanilla essence c/n


First we are going to make the sponge, for that we mix a little warm milk, a tablespoon of sugar and the yeast, cover it and let it rest for 15 minutes.

We place the rest of the ingredients (except the butter) in a bowl, add the yeast sponge and mix until a dough is formed.  Then, we add the butter and continue kneading. 

At this moment the dough becomes very sticky, but be careful not to add more flour, knead it even if it costs for 10 minutes and you will see that it is no longer sticky. 

Let rest for 20 minutes.  After that time we cut portions of dough of 40 g each, roll them into balls and place them on a greased plate, we leave them. 

Leave until they double in volume.
Meanwhile, we prepare the pastry cream, heat the milk with half the sugar. 

In a bowl, mix the remaining sugar together with the cornstarch.  Add the eggs and mix until integrated.

Add the hot milk and return everything to a gentle heat, stirring continuously until it comes to a boil. 

When that happens, cook for another minute without stopping stirring. 

Outside the heat, add the vanilla essence and cover it with a film in contact so that a crust does not form.  Let it cool.

Once the loaves have risen, we brush them with beaten egg, we cook in an oven at 180º for approximately 15-20 minutes or we fry without brushing (these are fried), once cold we cut the loaves diagonally with the help of scissors, we fill with pastry cream and pastry dulce de leche.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar on top.


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