Stuffed peppers with cheese

Stuffed peppers with cheese


Wash 70g rice (here wholegrain jasmine rice), salt it a little and cook according to the instructions.

While the rice is cooking:

two very small peppers or one large one, color according to preference
2 spring onions, cut into fine rings
2 mushrooms, cut into small cubes
125g vegan minced meat (alternatively minced beef)
25g grated cheese
75g canned corn


➡️ Cut the top off the peppers and put to one side. Carefully remove the seeds from the peppers, wash them and place them in a casserole dish.

➡️ Mix all the other ingredients together. Season with salt and minced meat seasoning.

➡️ Fill the peppers with the filling and sprinkle with a little cheese. Pour about 100ml of water into the casserole dish so that the peppers get wet feet and cook better.

➡️ Place in the oven at 180°C for around 20 minutes. (If you have two very small peppers or a large one with thick walls, it may take a few minutes longer!)

➡️ If the filling doesn’t quite fit into the peppers, simply fry them briefly in a pan without any fat!

➡️ Serve everything together.

➡️ Serve with: Sriracha mayo or a yogurt dip.

Enjoy your meal


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