Mexican churros for snack

Mexican churros for snack

Cooking is one of everyone’s greatest hobbies, even if the person is not a chef or professional in the kitchen, they can easily innovate with new recipes.  Highlighting that Mexico is a country with a renowned and great gastronomy.  Among such dishes, Mexican churros stand out.  For this reason, it does not matter if you are of Mexican nationality or not, their recipes are very exquisite.

Ingredients of Mexican churros

This appetizer is one of the most traditional in the entire country, so try to have the ingredients in the exact quantities to prepare it.  While there are times when people decide to add or omit some ingredients.  This factor is up to the chef’s taste.  On the other hand, to prepare the churros you will need:

• 150 grams of wheat flour.

• 125 milliliters of whole milk.

• 2 eggs.

• A spoonful of sugar.

• 125 milliliters of water.

• 30 grams of butter.

• A pinch of salt.

• Oil for frying.

• Ground cinnamon.

It is important to note that the amount of ingredients will vary taking into account how many churros you want to make.

Preparation of Mexican churros

For the dish to come out without complications, the instructions must be followed correctly.  The recipe is quite simple, it does not require complex steps for its preparation or expensive or difficult to find ingredients.  Everything will be within reach of the kitchen.

Step 1

For the dough you need to place the milk, water, sugar, butter and salt in a container.  As the mixture melts, add the flour little by little and beat until it is homogeneous or completely incorporated.

Step 2

As for the eggs, they are poured and beaten.  The butter and flour mixture is extinguished and removed from the kitchen.  The eggs are added to the mixture until it becomes creamy. To shape it, it is necessary to place the mixture in a churrera or in a pastry bag with a star nozzle.

Step 3

After incorporating the mixture into the pastry bag, make the churros 12 centimeters long.  They are made directly on a frying pan with hot oil, the duration is until the churros are browned and well cooked.

Step 4

It is recommended to fry up to four churros at the same time.  The cinnamon and sugar are combined and the churros are poured into the mixture after frying.  This will serve as decoration and will give the churros a much sweeter flavor.

It is a basic recipe without much complexity with common and accessible ingredients.   It gives snacks, desserts and meetings a delicious flavor.  A mix between sweet and crunchy.  Without a doubt, Mexican churros are a typical dish that everyone should eat and know for their easy preparation and interesting flavor.


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