Fruit salad

Fruit salad

Fruit salad is a refreshing and versatile dish that combines a variety of fresh fruits, making it a colorful and healthy option for any meal or occasion.


2 mangoes cut into cubes
1 tray of whole green grapes
350 grams of chopped strawberries
100 ml lemon juice
2 boxes of cream
1 box of condensed milk
150 grams of cream cheese
Cashew nuts to taste
Strawberry, grape and mango to taste to decorate

Method of preparation

In the blender place the condensed milk, cream cheese, cream and lemon juice.  Beat very well for 1 minute until you get a fluffy cream.

On a platter, place a layer of strawberries, another layer of grapes, and a layer of diced mango.

Cover with a ladle of the cream obtained in the blender and sprinkle with cashew nuts to taste.

Repeat these layers until you run out of ingredients, but the last layer should be cream.

Finish by sprinkling cashew nuts, and decorate with strawberries, mango and grapes to taste.

Refrigerate and only remove when ready to serve.

Serve very cold.


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