Twix Ginger Cookie

Twix Ginger Cookie

Ingredients (20 cm form):

– 150g gluten-free biscuits/cookies
– 90g of creamy peanut butter
– 50g honey/ agave syrup
– half a teaspoon of ginger
Date caramel
– 250g of dried dates
– 50g of peanut butter
– 15g coconut/almond flour
– a teaspoon of cinnamon/gingerbread spices
– a teaspoon of gelatin dissolved in 50 ml of hot water
– 75g dark chocolate 70-90%
– 100g of coconut milk


1) Cookies and grind into dust.  Add peanut butter and honey and knead.  Use the resulting mass to cover the bottom of a form with a removable bottom (bottom lined with paper).

2) Bake for 7-8 minutes at 180 degrees and then cool.

1) Soak the dates for at least 30 minutes.  Pour off 3/4 of the water and blend until smooth.  If the mixture is too thick, add some soaking water.

2) Add peanut butter, coconut flour, gelatin and blend.  Pour the mixture onto the bottom and the form goes to the freezer for an hour.

1) Melt the chocolate + milk in a water bath over low heat.  Set the icing aside to cool for a while, then pour it on top of the tart and spread it out.

2) Divide the finished cake into 12 portions –


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