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Banana milkshake

Banana milkshake

You can now make the most delicious banana milkshake yourself very easily. The recipe is ready in just 5 minutes!


2 ripe bananas (2 = approx. 250 g)

½ lemon

500 ml cold milk (3.5% fat)

1 packet of vanilla sugar (approx. 8 g each)


1. Place glasses in the freezer. Peel the bananas and cut them into slices over a tall mug. Set aside 2 banana slices per glass for decoration.

2. Squeeze the juice from the lemon. Pour the lemon juice over the bananas in the tall mug.

3. Add milk with vanilla sugar to the banana slices in the tall container and puree finely with the hand blender. Divide the banana milkshake between the glasses and decorate with banana slices. Enjoy!


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